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Ing administration of rifabutin 300 mg once daily (Treatment A, #) or rifabutin 300 mg once daily plus SQV-SGC 1200 mg three times daily (Treatment C, ).treatment was greater (33 ) compared to when coadministered with saquinavir (21 ). The within patient variability was approximately 29 .Effects of rifabutin on saquinavirpharmacokineticsThe mean ( CV) AUC(0,8 h), Cmax and C8 for saquinavir when a
Es would most likely not have been affected. The measures of immune activation were not assessed at enrollment into the study cohort, and we therefore cannot make temporal inferences of a causal nature nor could we control for them in the multivariable Cox models. We used prevalence rate ratios (PRRs) to estimate the associations of interest as risk was our parameter of interest. We chose PRRs as